Adamant Academy

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The buildings planned for the academy are two different types of buildings on a 7000 m2 plot of land directly adjacent to the Vitality Hotel Hohenbaden.

On the one hand, it is an extension with approx. 900 m2 of living space and 28 units as 1-2 room apartments, for accommodating the guests of the FX-Mayr Detox Center, which is located in the main building of the Academy.

The main building of the Academy, with approx. 3,000 m2 of usable space, contains various but consistent operational components.

It will include a medical competence centre, which will have two core orientations. On the one hand, fasting according to Dr. FX Mayr with approx. 28 rooms for fasting guests and the entire medical spectrum, which is needed to depict such a modern detox center and on the other hand, a diagnostic centre with different medical facilities such as conventional medicine, complementary medicine, naturopathy and dentistry.

Furthermore, the Academy also provides the necessary rooms and specialists for the topics of nutrition, exercise, coaching, both for the guests of the directly connected Vitality Hotel Hohenbaden, as well as for regional or daily customers.

The third part, which gave the Academy its name, is the area of training and further education, as well as quality management as a training and development centre.


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Wer steht hinter Adamant; Eigentümer, etc?

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