We are a company made up of…

… people with like goals and values. With a desire to conduct our business in a normal manner with the intention to make a profit. It is our intention that our efforts will result in a greater good for our neighbor, family, and our communities both locally where we live and globally where our partners live.

We are focused on people through business. It is our desire to help other businesses to create business anywhere the opportunity takes us if the end goal will help the quality of life of communities. We are not a charity organization.

Our mission is to allow normal business practices to be used whereby a profit is made and in turn putting part of that back in the community to provide “Intelligent, Sustainable, Value” to that place. We want to be the example of how to run a business and to provide opportunities to 1000’s of people globally.

We look to the future of our grandchildren not just to our life today.



INSUVA considers the word “Normal” to be the cornerstone of our existence.

We hold fast to the belief that all people should have food, water, a place to live and access to medical services for a balanced health. We also believe that not all people have those basic required elements where they live. INSUVA holds fast to the basic values of “Honesty, Trustworthy, Integrity, Blindness to Race, Nationality, Religion, Political Affiliation and Gender”.

INSUVA seeks to work with other companies and people who have the same values and desires to look to the next generation of people who will come after us. INSUVA believes that we can make an impact where we are and with the tools of today make our world through both our business and private lives a place for all people. INSUVA is a business that remembers we are people first and life is a valuable thing.

We all must do our part in allowing everyone to have a “Normal life”.



INSUVA is diversified. Covering a wide range of expertise.


The backbone of INSUVA is our Board of Directors.

Men and women who understand hard work, vision and answering the hard questions. We want you to get to know us. We are the face of what is keeping INSUVA straight on the track of its mission…